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Technical Data
• Type: centrifugal
• Application: dredging, irrigation
• Media: for sewage, water
• Other characteristics: submersible
• Flow rate: Min.: 10 m³/h  Max.: 5760m3/hr
• Head: Min.: 10 m  Max.: 62m
General Information
WQ series submersible sewage pump is mainly used for municipal works, industrial buildings, hotels, hospitals, civil air defense, mines etc. The WQ pump trades to drain off the sewage, waste water, rainwater and living water in cities containing solid grains and various long fabrics.
• High strength cast iron pumps construction.
• Impeller options are available to suit a range of applications and pumped products including single, double or triple vane.
• 420 Stainless steel shaft.
• Built in cooling system allows operation when motor is submerged or above water level.